" We love how Bsmarter POS lets us keep track of our customer’s sales history. When warranty work needs to be checked, we can find out exactly what and when our customers have purchased. Importantly, Bsmarter treats us the way we treat our customers. They are a pleasure to work with. "

- AJ Meats, Box Hill

Scale Integration

Experts in both thermal and digital label printing technology, we can tailor label printing systems to any requirement. And should anything go wrong, our service departments are on call to provide technical support, training and repairs. With national coverage and extensive market knowledge, our solutions are backed up with comprehensive service and assistance. Business Smarter Software is one of the registered companies in National Measurement Institute

Retail Module

Our Retail Module solution offers a wide range of tools that allows you to save time spent on administrative needs to focus on achieving your business goals. An efficient and complete stock control system provides real time stock levels, and alerts you when you need to re-order.

Inventory Module

Effective stock management tool that helps you keep track of real time stock levels. It is easy to assign minimum quantity levels for each item and alerts you when inventory levels are low. By using our software you can also print out stock-take sheets and then adjust your levels for any stock losses, damages or theft. Furthermore if your business has special promotions on a regular basis, we guarantee our solution can automatically calculate the discount, hence erasing the risk of any operation error or fault.

Label/ Ticket Integration

Bsmarter POS allows you to print out tickets for your front house showroom and labels for each and every stock item. Furthermore you can even print out special promotion tickets for specials that you may have. Use our software solution to satisfy all your business needs.

Butcher & Seafood POS Solutions

Business starts with great ads. The Digital Advertisement Module lets you easily promote your business. Display your menu and special offers with LCD screens or a secondary 10”1’ Inch screen that can be attached to our terminals. You have the flexibility to have a slideshow of different pictures or videos. In addition you can even place your menu as a picture and display it on a screen. This will save your hundreds even thousands as you don’t need to reprint your menu board for small change in your menu. Bsmarter POS gives you the tools to manage your promotions!

Bsmarter POS provides an extensive range of reports both useful for management and front house staff. From reports entailing sales figures, fast and slow moving line of stock, peak hours and cyclical periods of business growth, you can gather information to allocate your resources in the most efficient manner. Reports can be viewed by you and your business partners anywhere and anytime via any smart phone or tablet.

By implementing Bsmarter integrated Eftpos terminal you will be able to save thousands, as it gets rid of the need to manually key in transaction amounts which further reduces operating errors. An integrated EFTPOS system is a system where the EFTPOS terminal is fully integrated into the Bsmarter POS. The POS drives the EFTPOS terminal. The solution comprises of an EFTPOS terminal and PC software that is integrated into the POS system allowing communication between the POS and the EFTPOS terminal.

Bsmarter POS solution can also be used as a comprehensive book-keeping module. As a business owner you will be able to maintain tight control of your customers, suppliers, staff, inventory, GST (BAS calculations), expenses and costs. Key in your expenses and revenues and let Bsmarter POS do the rest! Print out your income & expense reports at the end of each financial year for your accountant.

Integrated with our POS solution, the inbuilt customer loyalty card system allows you to maintain tight control over your customers. It provides you with easy to understand and relevant information that helps to increase your sales growth, ensure your customers keep coming back, and helps to promote your business. You can offer your customers with a unique loyalty card of your own. Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior – behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm. By presenting the card, the purchaser is typically entitled to either a discount on the current purchase, or an allotment of points that can be used for future purchases. Hence, the card is the visible means of implementing a type of what economists call a two-part tariff.