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The GoGetta Rent.Grow.Own® rental solution is a 12 month rental agreement which appeals to business operators looking for a flexible approach to equipment funding. With no long term liabilities and fixed regular payments, GoGetta offer a 12 month rental agreement, so businesses have the flexibility to: purchase the equipment within the first 12 months and receive a 75% nett rental rebate return the equipment at the end of the agreement without any penalty after 12 months, the option to switch to a rent-to-own, 36 month agreement or just continue renting and GoGetta continue to lower the purchase price Some of the benefits of the Rent.Grow.Own rental solution are: rental payments are tax deductable easy approvals for applications under $50,000 the equipment is off-balance sheet which does not affect your capacity to ‘borrow’ free up your working capital peace of mind with easy weekly payments GoGetta has assisted many SME businesses to grow their sales and expand their operations by providing the quick and easy financial support when they needed it most.

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Term-based Lease

Our Rent.Grow.Own® Solution is perfect for small businesses who want to keep their risks low and their options open. Rent.Grow.Own gives you options that others don't! Bsmarter offers rental contracts via a reliable third party, GoGetta a division of Silver Chef. This professional company offers extremely flexible contracts where you can convert to outright sale or return of your POS equipment. With a very flexible financial option such as this where you try before you own, it the smart decision to contact Bsmarter today for a free demonstration.
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Short 12 month contract

Flexibility to return equipment after the contract if it doesn’t work out

A rental rebate of 75% if you decide to buy the equipment

A quick and simple application process

A low security bond